Image: Take a step and say it!

Take a step and say it!

Karl: You don’t belong here. You’re a fraud and a phony, and it’s only a matter of time until they find you out.

Homer: Who told you?

Karl: You did. You told me, with the way you slump your shoulders, the way that you talk into your chest, the way you smother yourself in bargain basement lime-green polyester. I want you to say to yourself, “I deserve this. I love it. I am nature’s greatest miracle.” Go ahead, say it.

Homer: I- I-

Karl: Trust me, Homer.

Homer: I-

Karl: Take a step and say it!

Homer: I deserve this.

Karl: Louder.

Homer: I deserve this!

Karl: Shout it.

Homer: I am nature’s greatest miracle!

Karl: I’ll need three weeks’ vacation and moving expenses.

Homer: You got it buddy!

Karl: Let’s go shopping!


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